The firm DazDesign was established in 1988 in Karachi and had a humble beginning in the apartment of the Principal designer. Interior design was its core consultancy service, hence at the time of it’s inception it was called ‘Daz Interiors.’

Steadily, the firm started to grow and the scope of its services began to expand. This was because the firm was constantly required to look after the architectural aspects of the buildings, housing the interior spaces. Façade development, master planning, major architectural alterations and other related architectural challenges were faced, besides providing the basic Interior design facility. On the request of various clients several graphic design and furniture design projects were also undertaken. Over the years, the key personnel of the firm got involved in several conservation and rehabilitation projects around the city as well.

After the successful completion of a milestone project the firm was renamed as ‘Daz Design.’ This was the completion of Schon circle in 1997, one of the major nodes of the city of Karachi. It seized immediate attention of the city and being an urban design project, it was thought that the firm must continue its expansion of scope of services. Another milestone was the design of Daz House, also completed in 1997. It was nominated for the prestigious Agha Khans Award for excellence in architecture and it was widely covered in the press. Henceforth, the firm was regularly asked to design residential projects.

With commitment and dedication to design for more than two decades the firm has developed an elaborate portfolio ranging from architectural design, interior design, furniture and product design, exhibition design and graphic design projects. The diversity of design challenges continues to change and induce excitement in the design studio. The firm undertook design of earthquake resistant housing for the poor after the great quake as part of its community service program, and was approached by the Karachi Port trust to design wall murals for Clifton underpass. At times the firm was designing service kiosks for civil hospital while at others making suggestions for Empress Market central courtyard in collaboration with Shehri, NGO, Citizens for Better environment. Now by habit the Firm accepts extraordinary challenges while maintaining a small office in Karachi.


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