The most important aspect that governs the well-being and the quality of life in our times is design of the “Environments, Products and Systems” (EPS) that are in use.  The availability and design of poor EPS results in inefficiency, angst and at times can cause colossal damage to life. Although no individual is free from the responsibility of providing, or the process of providing quality EPS but we believe that the responsibility of a designer transcends all other individuals.

the designers’ bear the greatest burden and responsibility of continuous struggle for better solutions for any design challenge. Design is a Journey of the thoughtful mind who is seeking suitable answers. The conscious designer; the one who examines and explores deeply, involves himself to achieve the ideal solution; one who keeps the end-users’ inherent needs central and in focus; one who responds to resource and time targets. The ethical designer; who is deeply concerned about the environment and our home this earth. We, at DazDesign have a team that believes in this philosophy.

our design studio we humbly dedicate our energies and faculties in this direction, in the best possible way, keeping in view the micro and the macro, the end user’s needs and the planet’s pulse, applying the appropriate resource-time-finance strategies.  We feel that we should always design a thing by considering it in its larger context, a chair in a room, a room in a house,  a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.
Our basic premise is to reflect the nature of the assignment in the design. Immaculate attention is paid to details. The fundamental rule is to keep it simple, appropriate and organized. With the establishment of the company for about a quarter century, we remain committed.

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