001-VIPs and the Rule of Law (2009).pdf
     002-Is English the only answer to our educational deficit (2009).pdf
     003-Book review for Kausar Bashir, Rop Behroop.pdf
     004-Imran Khan and Pakistan Politics.pdf
     005-London, London Hai.pdf
     01-2008- Between Haves and Havenots - End of civilisation.pdf
     02-2007- Issues and Environmental concerns for Designers; What is Ethics in Design.pdf
     03-2006- KBA The fountainhead of knowledge.pdf
     04-2002- Eating out in style(Restaurant Design).pdf
     05-2001- Life trends and Interior Design.pdf
     06-2000-The daily Doomsday-(Rule of Law).pdf
     07-2000- Karim Baksh, obituary of a commonman.pdf
     08-2000- Design Deficit in the country.pdf
     09-1998- Interior Design 2000, Interior Architecture.pdf
     10-1997- Interior Design in Pakistan.pdf
     11-1994- Effects of Lighting on Human beings.pdf
     12-1993- Interior Design Innovation.pdf
     13-1993- Indirect Lighting of Commercial Interiors.pdf
     14-1992- Importance of colour rendering.pdf
     15-1991- Elevated grid cities.pdf
     16-1991- Democracy and the Individual.pdf
     17-1990- Introduction to Interior Design.pdf
     18-1989- Give the Pedetrians a break.pdf
     19-1982- Illumination and Interior Design.pdf
     20-1980- Lettering and Illumination.pdf
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